Neil Harray

Kia ora koutou katoa,

I am very pleased to be part of the Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services Board as the Club President. The outstanding work that Dave Litton has done over the last 10 years has certainly shaped the role and forged the way forward.

As a born-and-bred Katikati local, I am very fortunate to call Waihi Beach home now. We have been part of the club since 2011, and four of the Harray family are all lifeguards—with me being the odd one out.

I enjoy being involved in surf sports, having coached Junior Surf, specifically beach events, from 2013 to 2020. It is nice to see our Lifeguards using their range of skills in the sporting arena - whatever sport that may be. More recently, we have been involved in the IRB Rescue and surf boats teams, which has been exciting to get so close to the action.

I am currently the Principal of Te Aroha College, but I have also worked for the Education Review Office (ERO) and as Principal at Katikati College.

I look forward to sharing my passion for developing young people, bringing the community together to build resilience, and supporting all those who are part of this great club.


Donna Pfefferle

I am pleased to continue as Chair and work alongside a passionate and active Board. Our purpose is to deliver exceptional patrol and rescue services for Waihi Beach and surrounding communities. The Board is driven to build resilience in both the organisation and the local community.

Our family has been involved with the Club for over a decade, participating in junior surf and lifeguarding. The Club's comradeship and spirit keep our family actively involved, and we enjoy volunteering our time and energy. I have a business degree with experience in marketing and human resources. These skills will assist in promoting the Club to the wider community and building a solid membership base.

In the words of Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Director of Lifeguarding

Lucy Scown

I am very lucky to have grown up in Waihi Beach and have been a member of Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services since 2011. I started as a junior surf nipper, and since then, I have competed as a junior and senior surf athlete in both surf sports, and later, my sister Maddie and I competed in the rescue-ready IRB racing team.

After becoming a lifeguard, I fell in love with everything related to surf lifesaving and, since qualifying, have been involved in a range of roles, including Patrol Captain, Chief SLGA Instructor, Patrol Auditor, Lifesaving Committee Chair, IRB Coordinator, Junior Surf Coach, SLGA and IRB examiner, and Coromandel Lifesaving Committee representative. Recently, I was inducted as an Eastern Region Duty Officer.

I was elected to the Board in 2022 as the Director of Lifeguarding. I thoroughly enjoyed working with lifeguards and the rest of our Waihi Beach Surf Club family to achieve greatness in delivering our professional services and focusing on the future so we can support the Waihi Beach community.

Director of Assets

Andrew Cochrane

I have been a member for over 25 years and received a Service Award in 2016 from Surf Lifesaving NZ.  I have been on the Committee in the past and very am very happy to still be involved in looking after the assets of the Club.  My knowledge of sports craft and lifesaving equipment means I can assist with ensuring we have the right gear in the right condition for lifeguarding and members.  I was actively involved in bringing the building and gear up to the standard required by regulations and health and safety, and I feel confident that we have made significant steps in this. I have been a lead in developing flood mitigation strategies to help prevent the club from becoming unusable in the future.

My passions are IRB (inflatable rescue boat) and skiing, and I enjoy surf sports to keep me fit and healthy.   I like to encourage others to get involved in surf sports as it helps to develop strong and active lifeguards plus builds comradeship amongst the members.  I have had the pleasure of representing New Zealand in IRB racing some years back.

I am the coordinator of the local Call-out Squad and work closely with the Coastguard to provide services to the local community.  I am a Policeman in the local district, and my locations allow me to give back to the community.

My wife Jenni, daughter Kate, and son Sam love the beach as much as I do, and as long-standing members, we want to be involved in the Club's success.

Director of Finance

Letham White

Our family has been involved with the club for around 10 years. My son is a current lifeguard and coach in Lifesaving Sports. My wife serves on the Board as Director of Sports and has several volunteer roles at the club, including Patrol Support Lifeguard.

The Club's goal is to provide the highest level of lifeguard and search and rescue services. I bring a few years of general and financial management experience and am excited to help the Club achieve its goals. I am focused on maintaining a strong balance sheet, cost containment, and ensuring our financial reports are prepared for the membership.

I continue to referee rugby as a Registered Referee for the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union when I get the time. I enjoy doing anything on the water and keeping fit.

Director of Membership

Natalie Lloyd

My involvement in Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services has been across many areas since 2000; firstly, as a parent during our boys’ Junior Surf journeys, including coaching, junior and senior team managing and the Competitions and Coaching Coordinator’s role on the Junior Surf Committee. I joined the Board during the 2011-2012 season and took on the role of Director of Sport, representing Waihi Beach and other Coromandel clubs on the Eastern Region Sport Committee for a period of 6 years.

Since 2021, transitioning from Director of Sport into the role of Director of Membership, I have applied an extensive background in public relations, magazine editing, marketing and communication to developing a strategic approach to communication and engagement across all our stakeholder groups: lifeguards, Junior Surf athletes and their families, social members, supporters, sponsors, and the local community. I value the importance of sharing information to keep all audiences up-to-date with key milestones, achievements, successes, and activities. Building our presence on the Club’s social media platforms and in the wider media has significantly increased our visibility in the community, promoting the club and its activities, enhancing its profile, while helping to attract members and supporters.

My commitment to the Club extends beyond purely Board responsibilities. One of my goals after being in the sport area for some time was to ensure the success of our fundraising efforts for a new surf boat. Championing the Club’s historic connection to surf boat rowing, my event management background has been well utilised in managing the iconic North Island Surf Boat Championships event for the past decade.

Passionate about the Club’s future, my focus is our long-term health, resilience and viability. The Board’s strategic focus has been on growing community engagement and building communication to drive membership. Moving forward, we will progress a programme of continuous improvement and deepening member engagement, seeking to collaborate with individuals and organisations who share a commitment to the Club’s legacy and community impact.

2025 sees the 90th anniversary of the Club’s incorporation and I look forward to working with our members to deliver a memorable and hugely successful event to recognise this milestone.

Director of Lifesaving Sport

Sharlene Manukau

Our family has been members of the club for the past 10 years. Our children started in the Junior Surf program, then moved on to Rookies. Our son enjoyed it so much that he became a lifeguard and volunteer Junior Surf coach. Although no longer competing, Keaton now coaches our Junior and Senior Surf squads.

With so much of my time being spent at the club, I soon started getting involved, becoming an age group manager at junior competitions, competitions co-coordinator, a surf official, joined the sports committee, team manager at senior competitions and then qualified as a Patrol Support Lifeguard on the Master’s Patrol. Off the beach, I am passionate about fostering the growth of our young members and maintaining links within our community. I coached primary and college netball for 10 years and have played competitively for the past 8 years. I volunteered to be on the Katikati Junior Netball Committee and Katikati College Netball Committee for over nine years. For the past two years, I have enjoyed being a teacher aide at Katikati College, which allows me to work with the future leaders of our country.

As the Director of Sport, I am excited to work alongside the Club’s coaching teams to continue providing competitive opportunities and experiences for all our athletes. I am also excited to collaborate with key senior lifeguards and the Board in developing the Fit for Purpose programme, which supports the future of lifeguarding and develops young leaders.


Christiaan Maarhius

I have been a passionate lifeguard for over 30 years, with experience at Waihi Beach and Hot Water Beach. Waihi Beach is my Club, and I have been an active volunteer in many senior roles. From Lifeguard Coordinator initiating many positive changes in the lifeguarding systems, developing safety practices, and driving club culture. I have been a Patrol Captain and implemented the Master’s Patrol, safety officer at numerous SLSNZ and community events, and supported Board projects and initiatives.

Having the experience as a Head Regional Guard at different beaches, elected Chair of the Coromandel Lifeguarding Committee, Patrol Auditor, SLG Examiner, Instructor and other leadership opportunities have provided me with the opportunity and the skills to help inspire other lifeguards to achieve greatness.

Having another lifeguard on the Board and guiding them regarding safety, systems, and the development of SLSNZ strategies has helped the Board achieve many positive outcomes. There is much work that I would like to be still involved in at a strategic level. My passion is to initiate positive changes, future-proof Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services to meet the community's needs, and engage in strategic thinking.


Maddie Schnackenberg

I am very excited to be joining the board this year in the community education space. I'm passionate about all the great things we do and achieve here at Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services and am eager to start working with our wider community. My focus will be educating the Waihi Beach community during the roll out of community lifesaving equipment, and hopefully showcasing all that we do here at the Club at the same time.

Alongside this work, I look forward to returning to the club as a Lifesaving Sport Coach and leading the Fit For Purpose Programme, as I have done since 2020. Lifesaving sport and development are other passions of mine, which I have worked on in my volunteer capacity on both the Lifesaving Sport Committee, and Lifesaving Committee.


Nick Wagstaff

As a dedicated member of the Waihi Beach Lifeguard Services, I bring a wealth of experience and passion to my portfolio of Special Projects on the Board of Directors. With over a decade of involvement in surf lifesaving, I've cultivated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing our club and the broader movement.

My commitment to excellence and innovation drives me to spearhead initiatives that push the boundaries of what's possible in surf lifesaving. From implementing advanced training programs to modernizing equipment and facilities, I'm dedicated to ensuring our service remains at the forefront of water safety and rescue operations.

My experience in Surf Life Saving New Zealand equips me with the skills necessary to lead our club through strategic initiatives, fostering growth and sustainability for years to come. I am honoured to serve alongside fellow board members in shaping the future of the Waihi Beach Lifeguard Service, safeguarding our community, and promoting a culture of camaraderie and excellence.